Happy New Year!


I don’t know about you, but I am feeling relieved that the holidays are over. We had a fantastic time with friends and family galore but being off schedule for so long makes the kids a bit, well, insane. So insane that they both passed out cold well before 6:00 last night! So, now I am focused on getting the kiddos back on their regular schedule and getting back into the groove of eating healthy and being a bit more active than I have been over the last few (five!) weeks. I woke up this morning ready to roll.

So what are your plans for 2014? Not typically a resolution person, this year the husband and I sat down before an enormous plate of Ethiopian food and actually made a list of things we hope to accomplish in the year to come. I know, it sounds dorky… but I am a list person and so it was rather thrilling! Not all were major – some items are as simple as entertain more – but it feels like a pretty realistic list. The top of my pile? Get the blog going… and so, without further ado… here we go!

What are your hopes for the New Year? Anything amazing?

Coming soon...

Stay tuned! I am currently working on getting my website up and running and once i do it is go time on the blog! Patience... i hear it's a virtue.